Thursday, December 1, 2011

Welcome to the Holiday Blog Hop!

Let the fun begin... The hop runs from December 15th to December 25th. Winners will be chosen after the contest has ended and the results will be posted on the website/blogs of all authors participating.

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Five Free Copies every day until Christmas!

First five emails I receive at gummy.pirates(at) daily will receive a Kindle gift copy of my best selling comedy, adventure, mystery, Wendy and the Lost Boys. 
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Five Stars from Tiffany's Book Shelf... Review Blog
This review is from: Wendy and the Lost Boys (Fractured Fairy Tales by Silkstone) (Kindle Edition)
Wendy Darlin, real estate agent, independent woman, modern day pirate? Not really the life Wendy envisioned for herself when she promised to look after the criminal miscreant Charlie Hook. When Hook basically holds Wendy, her friend, and an investigator hostage, they have no choice but to help him recover his ill gotten treasure.

Remember the old Rocky and Bullwinkle show, how there was a segment called fractured fairy tales? That was my favorite part of the show. So, to me, it is absolutely no surprise how much I adore Barbara Silkstone's "fractured fairy tale for adults" re-imagining of Peter Pan. I found this book to be, in short, a hoot. The writing is clever, and had me doing that really unattractive giggle-snort combination many times throughout my reading. I love the way the characters embody the essence of the original classic characters, with snarky modern twists.

Be aware, this is not the Peter Pan story you want your kids reading, it is clearly intended for adult readers. Yet it appeals to the childlike part of us that loved the classic original stories. Combine that childlike love with modern politics and technology, and you get this smart, snarky, hilarious mystery. The story is richly developed and leaves you guessing until the very end. I am liking this grown up version of Peter Pan even more than the original.

Happy Holidays!
From Alice, Wendy, and Barbara          

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Gummy Pirates - Trick or Treat !

Gummy Pirates - Trick or Treat

Avast, me hardies!
Hold out your bags and the pirates will take something from you.

Our treats are a fistful of gummy pirates or a wad of severely buttered popcorn… while supplies last.

Or better yet…

Enter our contest for quotes written in pirate talk. Winners will be chosen by our team of pirate linguists ... a bunch of bilge rats we encountered while sailing the Caribbean.
Aarrr! The blokes just jumped ship. So... first twenty-five pirate talkers win!

Winners will receive a gift copy of Wendy and the Lost Boys plus a certificate for a free copy of the sequel which is due out in early December.
So have at it, post below and remember to sign your pirate talk quote.
Once you’ve posted and signed your quote please drop us a line or hang a rope over the side with an email address where these land lubbers can forward your gift certificate for a free copy of Wendy and the Lost Boys. First 25 bilge rats win!

A laugh out loud whodunit… kidnapping, revenge, and a little murder on the side.

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              HAPPY HALLOWEEN !

Friday, September 23, 2011

A Snippet from Wendy and the Lost Boys

Chapter Forty-Five

             I stood alone at the rail staring at Nevis Island.
“Wendy!” The voice was vaguely familiar.
Looking around, I saw no one.
“Wendy! Down here.”
I leaned over the side. Croc was dangling from the rail wearing a white scuba suit. He was all but invisible against the white hull. “Is anybody on the deck with you?”
“Now what?”
“We’re going to throw you some lines. Get them anchored on the cleats.”
I hate it when he bosses me. “This is a super yacht. It doesn’t have cleats.” I was arguing with my crazy ex-husband who was hanging from the side of the ship like a marshmallow on a string.
He staged-whispered and it came out a breathless squeak. “Of course it has cleats. All boats have cleats.” The wind caught him and the rope swayed. A Zodiac full of hedgies in white bobbed below him. It was a chilling lack of sophistication that allowed a bunch of hedge-fund managers to find and board an invisible ship.
“Wendy, your life is on the table. Do you want to be rescued? Hook is going to kill you once he fences his treasure. Trust me.”
“I did trust you, once. That’s why we’re divorced.”
“Sweetheart, I’ve been chasing your Peter Payne pendant all over Georgia. I gave it to you so I could follow you, trace you, protect you.” He swung against the hull with a thud. “Why did you give it to some drunken punk?”
“You put a tracking gadget in my locket?”
Croc’s face was red from exertion. Hanging there was probably more exercise than he’d had in his entire life. “Yeah. GPS from so I would know where you were at all times…” he gasped like a fish out of water. “I spent days following that damn locket and ended up in a reggae bar in Atlanta.”
I looked down at him remembering all the grief he gave me during our brief marriage. “Please…! You aren’t trying to save me. You’re just after Hook’s treasure.”
“Wendy, darling… I want to parlay.”
“That’s pirate for ‘talk.’ Let’s talk. Help me up.” Twirling in the breeze, he kept banging his butt on the hull.