Sunday, October 2, 2011

Gummy Pirates - Trick or Treat !

Gummy Pirates - Trick or Treat

Avast, me hardies!
Hold out your bags and the pirates will take something from you.

Our treats are a fistful of gummy pirates or a wad of severely buttered popcorn… while supplies last.

Or better yet…

Enter our contest for quotes written in pirate talk. Winners will be chosen by our team of pirate linguists ... a bunch of bilge rats we encountered while sailing the Caribbean.
Aarrr! The blokes just jumped ship. So... first twenty-five pirate talkers win!

Winners will receive a gift copy of Wendy and the Lost Boys plus a certificate for a free copy of the sequel which is due out in early December.
So have at it, post below and remember to sign your pirate talk quote.
Once you’ve posted and signed your quote please drop us a line or hang a rope over the side with an email address where these land lubbers can forward your gift certificate for a free copy of Wendy and the Lost Boys. First 25 bilge rats win!

A laugh out loud whodunit… kidnapping, revenge, and a little murder on the side.

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              HAPPY HALLOWEEN !